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We can’t do this without you. Help us bring awareness to the lack of sidewalks on 42nd Avenue between Lloyd and Booth streets.

42nd Avenue serves as a common pedestrian connection to Rosedale Park, to KU Hospital and Medical Center, and to numerous businesses on Rainbow Boulevard.  Although the speed limit on 42nd is 20 mph, cars often speed much faster. This project would narrow the street, slow traffic, and build a safe sidewalk for pedestrians.

The sidewalk on 42nd is particularly needed because there are few safe places to be physically active in Rosedale, and the places that do exist (like Rosedale Park) aren’t easily accessible for residents without cars.  The new sidewalk will help kids and adults be healthier and more physically active, as well as safer.

Make A Donation To Build A Sidewalk

Your gift will help make an important part of Rosedale a happier, healthier place for both businesses and families. If you can help us raise $37,000, we will be able to complete a section of sidewalk on 42nd Ave. from Lloyd to Booth (the two most used cross streets for pedestrians).

Mail checks to

Rosedale Development Association

1403 Southwest Boulevard

Kansas City, KS 66103

(write “42nd sidewalk” in memo line)

Or give online through PayPal by clicking here and adding a note that you want your donation to go towards a new sidewalk.